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Chairman's Message

"Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain; education should form the character, intellect of mind and enable the students to stand on their own feet"

We aim to impart a blend of values & culture in addition to conventional learning at this Institution. The plethora of facilities we plan to provide is matched only to a very few Institutions in the country. The Institution is a dynamic and modern venture that seeks to play a definite, significant and distinctive role in enabling the young students to meet the challenges of a fast changing world. The Institutions vision goes beyond the achievement of academic excellence.

My greatest initiative is to provide the leadership that will facilitate a school environment to provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of each student to the best of our ability. The educational program must be academically challenging, engage each student by linking the curriculum to previous knowledge and experience, and also be exciting to promote further exploration of new ideas. Parents, teachers, support staff, and administration all have an important role to encourage our children to become active learners. It is my sincere desire to provide expanded opportunities for our students to acquire the skills to become productive citizens in a vastly changing society

As we educate learner of all ages for tomorrow’s world, we must keep in mind that e-paradigms have already increased the need for educational planning. Let us contribute our educated foreside to build the e-highway, connecting present with future. We need to change our vision of the future – If we seek a future of our dreams and our needs.

Looking forward to work hand in hand with you.

“Excellence is not a one time achievement it is a habit”

Mr. P. B. Reddy,
Diploma (Mechanical Engineering), B.A., M.Ae.S.I.,
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